Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Chuggin'

Hey Dudes, just letting anyone who actually comes to this blog know that i'm still working away on my big superman piece, havn't really been in the mood to sketch or work on anything else....its like the first and last thing i think about everyday...weird...i know!! But for some reason i can't get enough of it...thinking of how i wanna position different characters and stuff/ who makes it in who doesn't!!...Anyways, if there are any hardcore supes fans out worries....Bloodsport is in!!!! hehehe he's deffinately one of my fave villains from the 90's, if you remember anyone i don't please feel free to lemme know.

no worries i wasn't going to leave without a couple of teasers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Family

Hey Folks, sorry it took so long on posting somethin, of course i started a new blog, and just like a new sketchbook, you want that first page/post to be awesome!....which is why, out of superstition er something, I always leave the first page blank..iknow iknow...weirdo. Anyways my buddy mitch at work had this wallpaper on his compu up of a group shot of mini marvel characters, so i decided to research the artist a little and sure enough....he's awesome!! So i dug around his blog a bit more and found another group shot of the batman being the superman fan that i am...and now huge Dustin Nguyen fan, i figured i'd pay tribute to them both with my fave roster...heres the teaser, lots more characters to come

And here is the link to Dustin's website, to see the wicked gotham one scroll down to about July.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey Thanks for comming, nuthin up yet, but stuff is on its way

here is a link to my old blog in the meantime......
.... unless you just came from that case.... go here....

bye fer now